Mini reveal

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  1. My violet small satchel finally came!!


    Sorry about the bathroom shot, but I changed into her fast so that hubby and I can go to dinner
  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I was afraid the color would be too bright but I like it! Enjoy it!

  3. The color is PERFECT! It's like a very saturated fuchsia, but with some purple undertones in it. I LOVE IT!!!!
  4. She's totally gorgeous! :loveeyes:

    A perfect Valentine!! :heart:

    Have fun at dinner, GF!


  5. Thank you Sue! My hubby is trying to do something romantic for us but he is a goober and forgot to make reservations. So I have about 45 mins to kill while he picks up DS from wrestling and takes him to my moms

  6. ;) At least he's trying!

    With your new beauty to admire, there will be a smile on your face even if you end up at McDonald's! :graucho: Did you see on the news that some in the Tampa area are serving hamburgers on tables with flowers, etc? I thought it was so funny!


  7. I know he is trying. That's why he got
    Lots if hugs and kisses. Lol. I did see that. I wondered where it was. I had posted to a friend if mine in fb about it because her son is working there. It's his first job
  8. I guess as a last resort, McDonald's is "out to dinner"! :lol:

    Have fun where ever you and your DH choose to have dinner!

  9. LOVE it! Just gorgeous!:woohoo:
  10. She's gorgeous GG! Congrats! She looks so big. I thought she was regular sized when I saw your bathroom shot in the other thread. I love the color! It's tje perfect bag to take out for your valentines dinner. Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day :smile:
  11. Thank you trudysmom and TB! This is the small satchel. Trust me, if I put her next to my fuchsia, she would seem like a mini. lol
  12. Wow! :loveeyes: Congrats and happy VD, GG!!
  13. Very pretty! It's just the thing we need after this horrible winter!
  14. Ooohhh. Sooooo pretty!!!

  15. The color is gorgeous just like my mini crossbody but the satchel looks big for a small. Especially for my small frame