Mini Reveal :)

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  1. It's my second Celine in 2 months! I think I am kinda addicted haha! Anyway, I got the mini camel :smile:
  2. And my Celine family!
  3. oh my....
    loving your collections :smile: congrats
  4. Congrats :biggrin: Beautiful neutrals
  5. Hi, can you share where did you get the mini camel?
    Love it!!
  6. I got it from DFS Hong Kong :smile: I think they still have one/two in stock...
  7. Perfect for summer and winter :cloud9::cloud9:
  8. Beautiful! Love the color :smile:
  9. Beautiful family
  10. congratulations on your expanding celine family :biggrin: camel is so classic, gorgeous bag.
  11. Lovely celine family, congrats!
  12. Thanks..but I am too far away from HK :crybaby:

    Beautiful Celine family!:heart: Congratz!
  13. love!!! Returned one exactly like this.. shoulder pain been acting up lately so i put my vintage celine luggage down ( 2 years old anthracite mini) , returned the brand new camel mini, and been using my large trio for almost 2 months now to give my shoulder a break...
  14. Ohhhh pretty! ::graucho::graucho: Does it have feet? I'm trying to decide between a luggage or mini luggage. Are both of your bags minis?
  15. So lovely! May I ask how much you purchased it for? Heading to HK next week! :smile: