Mini reveal :)

  1. So I've been wanting this bracelet for a while and being the typical struggling college student, I was never able to afford it. But then yesterday, I happened to find this beauty at a Nordstrom Rack hehe. Sorry for the crappy pics. They're from my iPhone and I'm leaving for school. Thanks for letting me share!
  2. That's gorgeous; I love it! Congrats!
  3. That's a great find :smile:
  4. that's a beauty, i might have to check out Nordstrom rack ;) congratulations!
  5. Did you buy it recently? and how much was it? I going to have to check my NR out this weekend.
  6. Thank you all! :smile:

    Hi squeaky! Yes I bought it 2 days ago and it was half off of $92 soo I paid $42 for it!! Lol there was also a matching necklace but I don't wear necklaces much so I left that for another lucky lady to find!
  7. Oooo what a steal! :smile:
  8. Haha I wanted the same bracelet but I did not want to pay full price for it. Thanks to you. I got it at nordstrom rack today for $42.97. I love that bracelet.
  9. Omg!! That's awesome lol. Congrats to you as well!! :smile:

  10. that is fricken gorgeous!!! Half off! sa-weeeet! Congratulations!
  11. very pretty!
  12. very nice :smile:
  13. Gorgeous bracelet! Congrats!
  14. super cute, great find :smile: