Mini Reveal

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  1. Fed-X came!

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  2. :yahoo: Whheeee my first live reveal

  3. Yes!
  4. Palladium Evelyne Scarf Ring............

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  5. Lock and Key Scarf Ring

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  6. ooohhhhh both pretty, I love palladium
  7. And lastly, Cashmere and silk shawl, Etamine Cachem in Noir/Voire/Bourg

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  8. That's NOT really a mini reveal :smile:.

    All of them are gorgeous!!!!
  9. Thanks, Nina! The lock and key ring is gold. I'm going to really enjoy both of them. They'll allow me to put a scarf on and run! :smile:

  10. :woohoo:Love your new H, Cavalier.....the colors of your shawl are my favorite and they go with everything!
  11. thats a maxi reveal! love it
  12. looooove the shawl! congrats!
  13. Congrats, the scarf is gorgeous!!!!
    Amazing. I love the pattern on the scarf. I love that there is a black in it, because black goes with everything. I think this will probably be a "go to" piece.
    So is it as soft as it looks? :drool:
  14. Thanks, Quinn's Mom. With all the really wonderful reveals we've had lately, I guess it looked a little puney to me. :smile:

  15. oops sorry meant shawl