Mini reveal-- intrecciato napa coin purse

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    I am new to BV but I always adored the design and quality of the brand.

    I really like small handbags so I needed a compact wallet that can fit in my little purses. Showing it with my LV alma BB and my new spring bag from Loeffler Randall.

    This mini coin purse fits in all my favorite small bags easily and allows extra space for my other stuff.

    I would prefer the new red color, unfortunately they don't make the small size coin purse in red. But I am pretty happy with black too!

    Thanks to boxermom to help authenticate this, I got this in brand new condition for less.






  2. Very cute! I love it with the little Alma!
  3. Very nice!
  4. I adore this wallet. I bought it for our interior designer when she finished our home remodel. I had a hard time letting it go!

    enjoy it!
  5. Congrats! I have this same coin purse in nero also and love it!
  6. I love these little things! They are so handy for many uses. You have wonderful taste:smile:
  7. so pretty!
  8. Same here, I just bought a preloved too last week!! I just did a quick count and it could fit all of my 11 cards (IDs and credit card etc, etc). The leather is still very soft even though the previous owner probably had it since 2007.
  9. I like them when they get really soft. It's using them that gets the softest feel to the nappa.
  10. Drowsy1 - SORRY to have "hijack" your posting. :giggles:

    Here is a picture of my coin purse & campana.
  11. I bought the same little purse last year in violet. I love it! It is so practical. It holds plenty and takes up so little space. My crystal ball tells me that you will lover yours too!

  12. Wow! How pretty. They look like a perfect match.

    No problem at all. I am happy to see more bag/slg pairings.
  13. I am going to have to check that little beauty out!
  14. I love BV's SLGs! Very cute! I have the black small intrecciatoo cube wristlet and I use it in every bag I carry. Your coin purse wallet is really cute.
  15. Thanks! I like it so much that I find myself eyeing other BV SLGs all the time now. Perhaps a full-size wallet in a fun color next:graucho: