Mini reissue vs Small (225) reissue

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  1. Hi ! For those out there with both mini reissue and small (225) reissue, how big is the actual size difference? Can you hold significantly more in the 225, or do they essentially hold the same amount?

    I ask because the double flap takes up a bit of space, but look-wise, the small is the perfect size for me. Since there is a significant price difference, if they hold essentially the same amount of items, wouldn't the mini be the better / more economical option...

    Or, do I really just 'need' both...? :smile:
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  2. Definitely both. I find the small size more versatile. I can get my sunglasses case in the small but not the mini. To me the small is worth the extra price for the versatility.
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  3. I love reissue small so much, I got two! My first reissue is med.
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  4. Both. They serve different purposes. I would recommend two different colors or different patterns i.e quilts vs chevron // ruthenium - gold - aged hdw
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  5. I actually had the same dilemma until yesterday. I purchased the black mini reissue in aged gold hardware just last week and contemplated returning it and paying the substantial difference for the 225 size. My sales associate advised me against this and convinced me that the mini one is a little gem and I would regret letting it go. That being said in the future I may buy the 225 size with the aged gold hardware as well but maybe in the chevron pattern:smile:
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  6. I have minis and 225’s and use both often, but the 225’s are more practical given the extra space I can use here for work, whereas I tend to use my minis for ’my time’ only. I don’t carry a lot for work but the little extra space makes a difference and is more suitable (I work in finance).
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  7. also thought about that.. if you love both get the mini first! it holds a lot for a mini and it’s not guaranteed that it’ll be available in the future..
    you can still get a 225 later.
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  8. I agree, you did right decision to exchange to the original classic 225 small size from mini size especially yours is exactly same combination of classic black distressed leather with aged gold hardware. Best timing right before upcoming price increase too. 225 is perfect classic size and worth the price difference for sure, also will be good for structure for years to come. I think classic 225 size look more elegant and classy on ladies like Coco herself carried and her original design size. Enjoy your beautiful classic 225 :smile:
  9. I love the minis more! It’s better priced and super fun in all sorts of colors. I’d suggest getting them now before they discontinue it like the caviar classic mini. And get 225 next time :smile:.
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  10. I thought this was a great video. she breaks down the mini classic flap and small and compares what fits and price, modeling. It was really good. She does the classic flap bags and I am still learning so I think this would be comparable to the reissues. I am sorry if this video really isn't helpful. I am still learning that's why I was watching it.

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  11. +1 :smile: