Mini Red Mabel

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  1. Hi, thanks to Hula Hoops post, I couldn't resist....
    But I've just bought the Mini red Mabel for £225!! (from Canopys)
    The only thing is I haven't seen one and don't give dimensions of this bag.
    I love the size of the Ledbury, I have 2, is this comparable in size to the Mini Mabel...
    I'm wondering if I've done the right thing...but really fancy a red bag??
    Any thoughts
  2. I haven´t seen one IRL either but I think it´s just the cutest bag! Both size, model and colour :love:! And to a great price! Congrats!!! Love to see some pics when you get it!

    (PS. IF you don´t want to keep it you could always let me know...:graucho:)
  3. There's one being carried on the celebrity thread- I'll see if I can go find the picture. Cute but small!
  4. Ive just seen your comment on another thread about the red mini mabel and posted a reply to remind you about the one I saw on sat... and now Ive just caught up on this thread... :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: fantastic, it is a lovely colour and very cute size!
  5. Thanks for the links etc. It looks Fab!! I like the smaller bags, I only carry a few bits and after a car accident a couple of years ago, struggle with a shoulder bag for long periods...this should be another great addition!!(Mulberry bag number 8)!!
    Unfortunately, I'm not as skinny as Kate Bosworth!! I wondered what it will look like on a size 12??
  6. Rachie I think it will look fine on a size 12... well Im a 12 and I wouldnt think twice about carrying it because of my dress size :smile: Did you order over the phone?
  7. yes, they were really nice too. I wasn't expecting them to do delivery but thought I'd give it a go..
    Hoping it will come tomorrow. I love wearing blacks and navy and my Magenta Hanover always cheers the outfit up!! But it's a very heavy bag and kills my back!
    The things us girls have to put up with!!!