Mini Rectangle vs Square - Pros & Cons

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  1. Well I was able to purchase the black rectangular mini guys! So happy to beat the increase. No square for me this go around as they were not available.
  2. Congrats !!!!!!
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  3. Yeheyyyy!
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  4. Thank you both! I’m super excited!
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  5. So you have both the red and black rectangular coming? :nuts: :girlsigh:
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  6. Reveal
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  7. Yes! Yeeeppeeee!!! I have to say this has been the most stressful shopping experience ever. It was not fun at all but getting is gratifying to know all this “work” paid off.
  8. Will do!
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  9. I was torn between both as well! I’ve been wanting a mini square in caviar and ghw for the longest time but its impossible to get them so I decided to get a vintage rectangular mini for my birthday as i wanted the gold hardware and weeks later... i managed to get a vintage square mini in caviar by pure luck. I love them both!
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  10. Good for you! Happy you were able to find what you wanted. Care to post pics of them?
  11. I can understand it being a stressful shopping experience. Add to that the shelter in place which also poses limitations and challenges when doing your research. I say, it just makes the experience unique. :P Anyway, I think those two beauties will make all the stress and hard work pay off. Please post pics when they arrive!
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  12. I sure hope it pays off and everything goes perfectly. I will be sure to post pics.
  13. Congratulations @Winter’sJoy! Wear both your beauties in good health
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  14. Thank you @no5 !!!
  15. My phone no longer fits in the square: major con :sad: