Mini Rectangle vs Square - Pros & Cons

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  1. your leather seem nicer ... here's mine chain .

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  2. Oh ok that’s normal then, thanks for the reassurance. It’s my first chanel and I’m nervous about the lambskin but hopefully it’s not as delicate as what I’m thinking. Do you wear yours for casual or events only? My chain is kind of twisted but I’m yet to straighten it out.
  3. Ooh I'm excited for you! Please post pictures when it arrives.
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  4. More to like supermarket when I wants my hand to be free
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  5. Will do!
  6. Does anyone know if the Chanel mini flap bag with the adjustable gold strap is part of the price increase?
  7. Does anyone have the Chanel mini flap with the adjustable gold chain (with ball)? Also do you know if it will be part of the price Increases?
  8. .
  9. I don’t think it is.
  10. I'm excited for you! I have been reading this thread wondering which way you would go. If it's the red I've seen in other posts, then I'm already convinced it is right for you. lol Is having both a square and rectangle an option? If so, keep this red and get the black square down the line.
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    Thank you! I’m excited to get it. It is the 20S red. I almost got a black square with lghw but it sold out before he could place the order sadly. I think they are all sold out.
  12. 134D2CA7-7692-4D24-A89A-072DA5DFEE11.jpeg I just received this beauty in the mail. I’ve read this color in particular had a shorter strap. Mine is 19” and change. I am 5’, size 6-8 with broad shoulders and big boobs and this is how mine fits. It is too short for my taste when worn crossbody and i will eventually have the strap extended. I just love the square shape, I think it is more unique and so I am ok with the modifications I will need to make!
  13. I like the color of your bag! I think it looks doable on you crossbody but I understand why you want to lengthen it. The square shape is unique and sits nicely against the body. Thank you so much for the mod shot. Enjoy your new bag!
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  14. Thank you! This is 18s beige in caviar. I fell in love the moment I discovered it. I hope you love yours! Can’t wait to see pics!
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  15. I’ll make sure to post pics.
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