Mini Rectangle vs Square - Pros & Cons

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  1. They told me sold out last round too , after a week , I was given 2 square to choose and compare . So you might have good news too
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  2. I prefer the mini rectangle w/ lghw bcoz it’s versatile esp as crossbody bag & shoulder bag to tall/curvy/thick top but if you’re slim/short, u can shorten it by tying/loop/ribbon it) and have more space than the square. Remember, the strap length of mini rec (22.5-23 inches) & mini square (19-20.5) depending on the season. Square mini looks good to anyone as a shoulder bag style and to slim/thin/flat/short person as crossbody only or else, it’s sit higher near your boobs and looks awkward but to some are doable with it (lol). Fyi, WOC strap length is 25 inches (good on winter jacket). U can buy later on your next bag in different/bright color in mini square. Good luck!
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  3. When did you purchase your square? Recently?
  4. If the woc’s strap is 25” then I definitely need a rectangular mini. My woc sits perfectly crossbody.
  5. March
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  6. Oh , if woc sit nicely on you , square will be too short . You will need a rect mini .
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  7. This March? Wow! Luck you.
  8. I really hope so since I was able to order the red rectangle mini.
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  9. Yes this March
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  10. I saw a red rect mini when I was deciding , Very nice color !
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  11. I hope so. I’ve been loving the pics other posters have posted and can’t wait to lay my eyes on it.
  12. Share your joy with us when you bring her home
  13. I will!
  14. This is beautiful and I have been lucky to get one too. But as I opened it I saw the strap had a bit of leather sticking out- as a first time chanel buyer I am wondering if that is normal? I am thankful to have got this much coveted item but just want to ensure it’s all ok? Also the metal on the strap was kind of twisted up too but that maybe I can try and straighten out. Is yours the same too? Thanks

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  15. All mini straps have that in that location.