Mini Rebel


Jan 5, 2010
Does anyone have the mini rebel or has anyone seen on IRL? I did a search and I didn't come up with anything other than pics of the full size rebel. I am considering an EB mini rebel since I can get it on sale at AA with the anniversary deal.

I am just concerned that it may be too small. I find that Treesje bags are typically bigger IRL than in pictures but the pic on Treesje's website looks really small and I can't seem to find a modeling picture anywhere.


May 19, 2006
SUN-shine-y island
I have yet to see the Mini Rebel around here. I think the mini looks like a pretty good size. The regular is quite large. Are you a big bag person?

BTW there is a mini rebel on ebay IIRC. You might want to see if they have modelling shots.