Mini Purse and Coin Purse - Difference?

  1. I've been looking to get a Coin Purse (still deciding on colour) and have noticed some Coin Purses are called "mini" and some are just plain old Coin Purses...

    I check the naff style reference, and LP has a pic up of a "mini purse" and a "coin"

    The pic of the Coin isnt a real pic, so I'm unsure if it is in fact a bigger version of the "Mini" Coin Purse...

    Anyone want to clarify?

  2. first has posted some great pix of both regular coin purse and mini coin purse in amazing colors. can anyone find first's gorgeous coin purse , mini and regular, collection?:smile:
  3. Ooooh... thanks! I didnt think to search first :shame:

    I'll have a look now!

  4. I think if you search under the Bal accessories thread there should be tons of pics.

    The difference is mainly size and the mini was discontinued. The regular coin purse is the one you'll find more often. :biggrin:
  5. Cool - thanks for that!
  6. [​IMG]

    ok, these are first class' coin purses which she previously posted in this subforum, check out the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: hey first, please clarify the exact colors, sky blue or ice blue, bgum pink, eggplant, etc....:smile:
  7. Looks Sky Blue to me... REALLY CUTE!

    So the smaller ones are the mini's...

    I've decided to get one in Blue India!
  8. yeah, the smaller which is discontinued also called porte monnaie. and the bigger one is the coin purse.
  9. Great, the regular Coin Purse looks really roomy!

    Ooooh I'm getting that b-bag purchase RUSHHHH!
  10. the regular is pretty roomy... here's what i put in mine, and it doesn't bulk at all .

    DSCN2940.jpg DSCN2941.jpg DSCN2942.jpg DSCN2936.jpg DSCN2938.jpg
  11. Wow, they dont even bluge! Awsome...

    Awww Seahorse, you're getting me all excited...

    The leather on both of them looks yummy!

    Is that a 05' Navy?

    I have a Twiggy in that colour and the leather on it is amazing!
  12. yes, it's navy '05 :love:
    it really is BIG :p and so pretty! i'm so happy to get u excited :graucho:

    and even the mini is not too mini at all! i can fit like 10 coins on the front zipper alone!
  13. I didnt realize they were so roomy... definately worth the money!
  14. yes! def. worth it!

    here the mini purse compared with an LV cles

    i used to swore on LV access until i jump the plunge to get a mini purse, now i'm totally addicted with bal access :sweatdrop:
  15. Definately like the Coin Purse more...

    The leather looks fantastic no matter what sized bag or accessory you buy!

    I cant wait to get it so I can just squash it in between my fingers...!