Mini Preston questions

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  1. I know a lot of people here love the mini Preston, so I went to look at it to give it another try.... I had previously felt that many of the Coach minis are just a little too mini (even though I do like small bags moreso than large). Plus it looked like it would always need to be zipped based on the style, and typically with many of the bags I have with zippers, I keep them unzipped for easy access.

    So, I went to re-look at it, and for me it feels like since the satchel straps won't fold down it makes it difficult to get into the bag. And then also the zippers were a little tough to open and close on the bags I tried. Lastly because the bag is more narrow on top, that also made it feel difficult to get into.

    Keep in mind I don't typically use the crossbody, so some of these things might be less issue with crossbody, but it seems that carrying it like a satchel it might be hard to get into the bag when you need to.

    Has anyone that has the bag or tried the bag run into these issues? I am just wondering if I am perceiving it to be more difficult than it actually is.
  2. I have a mini Preston that I carry as a satchel only. Yes, I find it hard to get into as the opening is narrow. I tend to keep it unzipped a little bit at the top (2-3 inches), but personally I find that I use two hands to unzip it. Which is sometimes a pain, especially when shopping with my toddler. I also have a saffiano mini satchel, and I actually prefer that bag over the mini P. But I love the pink ruby color and the shape, so I'm willing to deal with the hassle. It's a weekend bag for me. My everyday bags have to be large with easy access so I can toss everything in!
  3. Thanks...I am glad I wasn't completely imagining things! I tend to get frustrated when I need to go to too much effort to get in and out of my bag, and I tend to not like narrow openings. I had gotten rid of my Sadie for that reason, so I try to keep an eye out for that issue.

    I agree with you though..I do like the look of the mini, and I can see why you like that color.
  4. I like the fact that the satchel handles don't fold down because it keeps the bag looking cute. I think some bags don't look as nice without the handles. I wear it crossbody most of the time. Sometimes the zippers are a little hard to slide. I might rub them with soap. The bag is narrower at the top but I find that the shape is great for fitting my stuff. I don't need to get into my purse that often. I find I can leave just the top open and be able to reach things near the top. I keep my keys, chapstick and card case in the pockets and those are what I need most often. I've gone back and forth on using the phone pocket for my phone. It is a little tight and not that easy to get the phone out.
  5. I really they made a size between Mini and Large/Regular in this style
  6. That pocket being small on the outside was an issue for me as well... Some of my favorite bags are the ones with a decent outside pocket that I can actually use for my phone. Thanks for your input. I do like the look of the bag, but I tend to want to get rid of bags that aren't user friendly--even if they are super cute. So I will give it a pass. I might look at the Georgie when it comes out...seems to have many of the features that work for me. We will see.
  7. Thanks for posting this! I just got a mini saff from fos but I've been thinking about a mini Preston & I wondered about some of these same issues.