mini pouchette

  1. Do you like reg mono or damier?? I can't decide I:heart: them both! Thanks:smile:
  2. I always end up going back to the classic monogram, but the Damier canvas is great too! So I think the classic monogram.
  3. I would go for the Regular Monogram .... such a classic :love:
  4. I like Damier.
  5. i have and love them both, but i think i slightly prefer the damier print against the gold of the chain....
  6. damier!
  7. Mono!
  8. I would get the classic monogram.
  9. i have the damier one! it's SOOOOOO adorable! i'd pick that!
  10. I like the Damier with the gold chain.

  11. Damier!
  12. I like damier.
  13. Damier!!
  14. Both are cute, but I think I would go with the damier.
  15. I would go with mono btwn the 2 choices but I LOVE Azur the BEST. Sooo much prettier IRL.