Mini pochette

  1. Has anyone had any luck buying a mini pochette from the LV website? I’ve wanted that SLG piece for a while now but it’s never available online. The last few boutiques I’ve visited haven’t had it either :sad: I was able to snag the metis a few weeks back when it popped up available online! I’ve been stalking the website for the mini pochette but no luck yet. I’ll be in LA next week so maybe I can find the piece in one of the boutiques in the area.
  2. Just snagged a DE one a few days ago. It was only available for literally 2 minutes. Took me over a week of checking 10+ times per day to get it.
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  3. At the beginning of May I managed to check at the right time and get one. The date code said it was made this year between April 16-22 so it was very new! I'm in the LA area but I never bothered calling the stores. I hope you are able to find one. Make it a habit to check the page (I had it bookmarked on my phone so I would check periodically).

    Good luck! :smile:
  4. There have been a few threads about this recently. It seems like a very hard to find item currently. I purchased my Mini Pochette in April last year at the boutique closest to me. At the time it didn't seem very hard to come by. I'm so glad I got mine at the time, it was on my wish list for a while. GL checking at the boutiques in L.A. and if they are out of stock ask the SA if they are able to locate one. They can check around at other boutiques in the U.S. I would also keep checking online as often as possible.
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  5. I was able to snag the DA online right before Mother's Day. Good luck!
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  6. I was able to snag the mono this past Sunday..
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  7. That is how I managed to snag a Mono mini. I actually have the pages up at home & at work, and refresh several times a day. LOL
    Finally the mono showed as 'add to cart' so I snagged it. Still want each of the other prints.
  8. I got my DA and mono pretty quick from the store waitlist. I’m now waiting for the DE.
  9. I did buy it about a week ago but I returned it because it’s smaller than I thought.
  10. Don’t lose hope! Last week I saw the Damier Ebene was in stock, but it of course quickly went back to being sold out. I didn’t feel like spending every second checking when it would be back online so I called to see if I could have it shipped to me from another store. Luckily, a store in Las Vegas had one and I received mine today. When I placed my order, the locations that still had the mini pochette in DE were San Francisco, Miami, and one in New York (I can’t recall the exact store). I highly recommend calling! You’ll get it much faster, the woman I spoke with said they’ll get more online in 6-8 weeks.