Mini Pochette


Sep 6, 2006
hi everyone!

i :heart: the mini pochette it's so cute and i really love the chain. eluxury doesn't have them anymore. does anyone know if they have any in the Louis Vuitton store in NYC? i'm going on wed and i want to get either the damier or the damier azur. i'm not sure which though?? i have the regular mono pochette and i just got the azur cles, so i'm not sure which one i would rather?? which would you choose? or does anyone know if you can just buy the chain and how much it costs? TIA
well... elux has them every now and then. you just have to keep checking the site to see whether or not it's in stock again. but of course, if you're eager to get it, just go to the boutique or call

i agree w/ Michelle, you should get the azur mini pochette!
yay elux has the damier pochette so i'm just going to orderthat one and if i see the azur in the store and like it betteri can buy that one and return the other one!! i have to take advantage of free shipping, no tax and 4% ******!