Mini pochette...worth it?

  1. I'm going to Paris in a week and an SLG.

    Main purposes for this purchase... organize bag and have one thing that I take with me when I go to the gym/ running quick errands when I don't want to lug a bag. For reference, I usually carry in my bag lip balm/lipstick, headphones (these would be for gym), keys (2 and home/car), Kate spade card holder. I don't nececesarrily need ALL these things in the SLG (like the lip balm etc) mainly keys and cards to carry around for gym purposes. should I make the splurge and go for the mini pochette since it could fit all or somethings smaller?

    Mini pochette
    6 ring keychain
    Clay pochette

    Also - what are everyone's thoughts on the lv card case? Do you recommend?
  2. *want an slg
  3. It sounds like the mini pochette is a good option from your criteria if you want to fit your keys, lip balm, cards and earphones.
    I have all these options and use my mini pochette the most. I put my charging cord, keys, hair ties, lady things, mints, lip balm and sometimes spare cards.

    Or you could have your keys clipped to the key pouch and dangling out, then fit your earphones and some cards inside. The only reason I don't do this is because I want my keys inside something so that it doesn't scratch the inside of my bags and my keys don't all fit in the pouch.

    I haven't used my 6 ring key holder because again my car key is too long and it sticks out but if your keys are normal sized it could be good as you can put a card or two in the slot behind the keys. But obviously can't fit earphones/lip balm.

    Haven't got the card holder, but if you're happy with your kate spade card holder, you should totally get something else first! My vote is on the mini pochette. :smile:
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  4. For what you want to carry a mini Pochette would be the best option. Plus it’s such a cute little bag :smile:
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  5. Mini Pouchette is a great little piece used for a number of things. Yes for those quick runs when you only need a few things. I also use it inside my small bags as a cosmetic case so to speak. I don’t particularly like loose things in my bags. Also the best little bag for the buck!
  6. I love the mini pochette. Totally worth it for the price point. It will fit everything you want for a night out or a run to the gym, and I love the fact it can transform to a wristlet. It never ceases to amaze me at how much it really can hold.

    The LV card case is good if you only have a few cards to take with you. I have the multicartes and can put many cards and even fold up some cash to put in the accordion style pockets. It's just what you plan to carry and what'll suit your needs.
  7. Mine has been so versatile. It started off as my wallet and now is my makeup bag. I made a little plastic pouch lining to go inside so that it don't get dirty from the make up.
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  8. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but not worth it to me. I typically use bags on the smaller side already, alma bb and favorite pm, for reference. I originally bought a mini pochette as a catchall for my alma and when I use my speedy, but I found it more annoying to have to dig in my bag, than dig in the pouch for what I needed.

    I was actually thinking of selling mine, but because it was a limited print, I have a hard time letting go.
  9. I think the Mini pochette is worth it. I used it as a wallet for an outing recently and loved it. Normally it holds my gum, earphones, mirror, and charger. All of the pieces you mentioned are great though so whatever you decide should be fine.
  10. I like my LV card holder and my mini pochettes. I've used them more for evenings out but I purchased them intending to use them as catch alls for smaller items in my bags.

    Another option for you would be the Empreinte Key Pouch. It's a little more than the MP price wise but it has a key ring to attach keys, a small flap pocket, and a zip pocket on the back so I think it's very versatile. I have it in Noir and it's one of my absolute favorite SLG's. Enjoy your trip...I love Paris and want to get back there someday!
  11. Do you recommend the mini pochette for the alma bob?
  13. Have to say I don't have one and I always wonder what to do with them? I find the strap too short and I don't want to put makeup in there in case I stain the bag? I have other smaller casual bags like givenchy mini pandora for less formal occasions. Suppose the pouch that comes with the neverfull can serve the same purpose?
  14. I just purchased one, it is from the LE christmas animation. Love the way it looks and now will be testing the functionality. It can be used as catch all, wristlet, cross body is you add a chain. so I can say it looks very versatile, but yet to be tested from my side.
  15. I bought two of these too. The mono and the da. They’re so lovely and never fail to make me smile when I see them. I love how versatile they are. I use them for catching miscellaneous items as I’ve transitioned to smaller bags like the pochette metis.