Mini Pochette worth it ?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I really want the mini Pochette. I've seen how much space it has and I've also seen how versatile it is, but is it really a worthy purchase? I love the idea of it. Also, which one would you recommend ? Damier Ebene or Monogram? Can you guys post pics of yours in use ? :smile:
  2. Yes totally worth it!!!!!
  3. I was also on the fence about it but I love mine so much after using it! It fits passports, so I felt much safer than leaving it in the hotel room when we traveled. It was also perfect as a dinner clutch when we went out. Day to day, I keep cosmetics in there and clip it to the ring inside my Speedy or NF. It is such a versatile item, I highly recommend it! It gets more use than my cles now. I have the sparkly paillettes, but I want a mono one now :graucho:
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  4. Yes love mine..use them mainly inside other bags. :smile:
  5. It was worth it more when I could easily fit my phone in it. Since I got my iPhone 6, it's a struggle to get it in and out. Now, I use my mini pochette as a small cosmetic case. If I were to do it again, I think I would just buy a toiletry or cosmetic pouch. But it is really adorable and the gold chain is so pretty.
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  6. I use mine all the time. I would go for monogram over DE, since the DE corners can rub a bit and get black spots.

    I have a small lotion, chapstick, a tampon, tums and, headache pills in mine.

    However, it was a pretty expensive piece to get to put IN a bag.
  7. I have the da but the darker colors are more practical for a small item because it will get color transfer as its normally carried inside of another bag.
  8. +1
    next time I'm getting a smaller phone so I can use my mini pochettes more
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  9. I absolutely love it! It was very worth it for me because it fits so much more than I expected! and I love the gold chain detail to carry it when it is out of my purse. It is gorgeous! I have it in DE & Monogram. Well worth it in my opiniton!
  10. I agree with some of the others. It was worth it when it held my phone :sad: I dont really use them anymore.
  11. I love mine and wouldn't be without it. I mainly use it for cosmetics in my smaller bags, such as Alma BB, but it also works great as a grab and go for a casual dinner or trip to the grocery store. I find it a functional, versatile piece. I have monogram and Damier Ebene.
  12. I got rid of mine. I wanted it to fit my huge iPhone but it didn't and i really didn't have any other use for it.
  13. You could buy pre loved and the price seems a little better. I had a pre loved 2010 and used it a lot in my Speedy. When I sold my Speedy I sold the mini as well with regrets later. I just picked up another DE 2015 pre loved and saved some bucks.:smile:
  14. :lolots: Love it use it everyday in my Alma. I have been thinking about getting a second one.

  15. I've looked into that! I think a reasonable price preloved is around 200-210? Some people I've seen selling them for $300 and I can get it brand new for $10 more lol.
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