Mini Pochette - Which color poll?


Which Mini Pochette should I choose?

  1. Damier

  2. Azur

  3. Mono

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I want to buy a mini pochette (the one with the gold chain) to carry my make-up inside my bags and for occasional night out/going to the gym use. My current LV collection is: Mono Speedy 25, Black Epi Speedy 25, White MC Wapity, Black MC little cosmetic mirror, Pomme cles, and Framboise Agenda. I can't decide which mini pochette to get - damier, mono, or azur. I am leaning towrad damier or azur since I like these prints but don't like them on bigger bags . . . mono is more classic though. Hmmmmm . . . help!
  2. I voted Mono because that's what I have and I absolutely love it. :smile:
  3. I prefer Azur, but as a make-up bag, the Damier is probably better.
  4. mono
  5. I just love the azur!
  6. Thanks guys! Keep the votes and opinions coming! I find it really helpful for my decision making!
  7. I think the Damier looks beat w/ the gold hardware!!!
  8. i love the azur, so fresh and cute!
  9. Azur!!
  10. Mono :balloon:
  11. Mono!!
  12. I voted for the Azur, because I have it and I use it as a makeup bag too. I actually love all of them. You can't go wrong with whatever one you decide on.
  13. azur
  14. Azur
  15. Mono!