mini pochette...what do you use it for??

  1. what do you guys use this for?? Can it fit a cell phone, money, ccs? TIA
  2. Yes, it can fit all of those things. It is pretty roomy. Right now the one I bought last week is just sitting in its box. I will prob. use it as a little clutch when I go out or as a wallet in a bigger bag.
  3. I use mine when I am going out to dinner, to a bar or doing some quick errands. I was thinking about buying a small wallet to use with it, as my stuff is all over the place in the bag.
  4. I use it for short errands, such as a stop by the grocery store. It holds my keys, credit cards, money, and cell phone. I could probably also fit a lipgloss or two into it.
  5. absolutely love it! fits all you mentioned. can also be used as a cosmetic case inside a bag. i love it for running cute with the chain too!
  6. ^^ wow, we all use it for errands, how funny!
  7. wristlet (quick trips) and make up bag :smile:
  8. i want one too. when i finally get my damier sporty i want the mini pochette to match and clip on the d-ring inside. guess i'll keep lipgloss and stuff in it, cell phone so i could find it easily...
  9. They're handy when going to a movie or something. :yes:
  10. good go-out bag if you're gonna be in a club or something. no one wants to worry about a big bag when they go out...
  11. so do you think its better than the regular pochette??? I just bought a mono cles and I'm thinking of returning it and getting this instead. whatcha think??
  12. It's sort of between a cles and a pochette accessoire in terms of volume.

    I use mine as a cosmetics case inside my bag, but on the weekend, I put my phone, cles (with cards & cash inside and keys clipped on), and lip balm inside and take it out to run errands, shop, walk, whatever. It's actually very handy and I'm surprised it took me so long to notice it!
  13. Here is my damier mini pochette with things inside. It closes easily and maintains its shape with these contents

  14. makeup bag, little clutch......
  15. money, c/c, lipstuff, and my phone. my phone stuffs it though! its so huge!
    without my phone i can also fit my multicles !