mini pochette vs. wapity?

  1. Hey girls! I was hoping you could help me with a small dilemma. I have a mini pochette on the way :yahoo: and was wondering what could this fit vs. a wapity?

    Ultimately I would like a nano, cell (samsung like razr), & cles to fit in there? what would fit this & more?

  2. You should be able to fit that and maybe a lipstick/lipgloss. It's easier to get into than the Wapity.
  3. ^^thanks!
    does anyone else have a preference?
    or have any comparison picts?
  4. yeah I think mini pochette would be better and easier to get into. I don't think all those things will fit in a wapity. I use to use my wapity for errands or going out when I didn't need to carry anything except my id, few cards, cash and cell.
  5. I have both (I'll post pics of my new mc wapity this week).....anyhow...the shape is definitely a concern with the wapity as far as how much it can fit. From the items you listed I'd say that should fit in both.:cutesy:
  6. The Wappity is smaller and more of a akward size for those items. The Mini Pochette would be better and larger.
  7. again thanks girls!
    And then I'm craving the flat pouch? In comparision to those, how much could that carry? Would a mini agenda be pushing it?
  8. Congrats on your Mini Pochette! You can definitely fit that and more in the pochette. The Wapity was after all meant to be a digital camera case.
  9. I don't usually use my MC wapity, but if I do it's to store makeup. ALL department store lipglosses would fit: Lancôme, YSL, Estée Lauder, MAC, Dior, ...etc
  10. Wapity I can fit: cellphone (samsung..kinda thick) OR digital camera (not both!), 2 lipgloss, keys, cards, $$$..and probably your nano too. But like krispin said, mini accessories would be easier to get into than a wapity...wapity you kinda have to "layer" it. Like Phone or camera first, then lipgloss, keys, and nano..or the other way around.

    Flat pouch, can't really fit anything thick..NOT a small agenda for sure..

    let me take pics for moment.
  11. jill you are awesome thanks soooo much! I've been trying to get to the lv store, but unfortunately haven't been able to, and don't want to go on elux cause I want the whole "boutique experience". LOL :shame:
    So flat pouch is stiff, so that & the mini pochette wouldn't fit a mini agenda, but it can fit the other essentials I asked?
  12. yeah, flat pouch is can put a lipgloss in there, and maybe some $$ on top of that, but then that's it and it starts to bulge...BUUTT the flat pouch is great to put flat things in, like cards and papers. It holds a lot of those!!!!

    pic 1: flat pouch and lip gloss
    pic 2 & 3: flat pouch and lots of cards/papers

    ** if you carry lots of bills and coins you can use the main compartment of your flat pouch to store those in, the 2 cards on the front pocket, and maybe your "rewards card" or receipts in the back pocket.
    DSC03461.JPG DSC03462.JPG DSC03464.JPG
  13. Wapity #1 had two layers:
    botom layer: cellphone (it's 3/4" thick..yeah yeah..I got it 2 years ago)
    middle layer: mac lipglass
    top layer: round lipgloss tube, mints
    pocket: 1 card (can be more!)
    DSC03458.JPG DSC03459.JPG DSC03460.JPG
  14. Wapity #2:
    damier cles (gotta put it in diagonally b/c cles is longer than wapity, see pic 3), lipgloss and mint.
    DSC03465.JPG DSC03466.JPG DSC03429.JPG
  15. oh and I tried putting a cles in the FP but that didn't work. LOL.