mini pochette vs. mini eclipse?


what would yo get?

  1. azur mini pochette (even though you just got a pochette accessories)

  2. damier mini pochette (even though you're getting a mini ribera)

  3. you don't need either! Be happy with your pochette!

  4. mini eclipse! You need something mono besides groom!

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  1. what would you choose?
  2. Ooooh both are sooo cute!

    I have both, but I would prolly choose the mini pochette, it's cheaper and can be used in other bags since it is soft sided. Also a Cles will not fit in the mini ellipse. But the Mini Ellipse is darn cute!


  3. The mini ellipse! That is the cutest little darling ever! You're getting a damier ribera mini so you don't need a damier mini pochette. And you already have a damier azur pochette also.
  4. The mini ellipse, it is just so cute!
    And i really don't see it that often it seems more unique!:yes:
  5. ellispe is SO DARN CUTE!!!!!
  6. A mono piece would be a nice addition, but I think the pochette would be more practical than the ellipse- plus it's almost $200 cheaper.
  7. i picked mini azur, but then i saw krispins pics, and i vote for mini ellipse!
  8. I voted the Mini Ellipse - its so cute!!!!!!!!
  9. I like the Damier Mini!! I just got one and I LOVE it!
  10. azur mini pochette
  11. Mini Ellipse... it's so cute!
  12. Mini Ellipse! Totally adorable! :biggrin:

  13. I thought you already had the azur mini pochette? Then again I could be imagining things LOL. I voted for the mini pochette... I just ordered one a few days ago bc it fits a lot of stuff in it and is a great wristlet for going out =)
  14. Mini eclipse.
  15. I had it and sold it at a ridiculous price. Regretting it. :sad: