Mini Pochette VS Cosmetic Pouch

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  1. I am wanting a bag for my makeup/lipgloss and beauty essentials. I've seen people using their mini pochettes as makeup bags. Which would you choose and why? Wondering why people would choose the mini Pochette instead of the cosmetic pouch?
  2. If you are going to use it mostly for makeup, I suggest the cosmetic pouch since it has a wipeable lining. I have a cosmetic pouch PM and I love it!

    I also have two mini pochettes. They are cute items but I store tissues and a folding brush or medicine, etc in mine inside my bags- I never put lip gloss or makeup items in it. I used to carry it more often on it's own when I had an iPhone 4 and 5 but now that I have the 6, it's pretty large for the mini pochette so I don't carry it by itself anymore.
  3. Lipstick gets onto the mini pochette lining.... how would you react?:P
  4. If you're looking to specifically store cosmetics than the Cosmetic Pouch would be the way to go since the interior has the Vuittonite lining (makes it very easy to clean should there be spills/leaks and it's also water resistant). The mini is cute and can be worn as a tiny wristlet in its own right but has a textile lining (not so easy to clean) and is smaller than the Pouch.
  5. +10!

    OP, you should also look at the toiletry pouches, they have the wipeable lining as well.
  6. Good point!! lol
  7. I have both. First, I bought the mini pochette and used it as a small on the go purse and to store my lip gloss, lipstick, tissues and some pain medicine. I did get a small amount of lipstick on interior of my mini pochette and decided I needed something else more suitable. I felt I needed something bigger to carry my mascara, tide stick and more stuff.

    I also did not want to damage my mini pochette since I have a limited edition piece. I carry both with me but mini pochette is simple used as a wristlet, small purse
  8. Toiletry pouches are lined in Vuittonette too. I'm looking to get the smallest one for lip balm and wet tissues (I don't wear makeup so I don't need much room). Maybe a small tube of lotion (scarily enough, I had a Body Shop lotion that accidentally got squeezed and some lotion came out in my nylon bag. I thought for sure my Denim Zippy was ruined but none of it went on the wallet). Phew.