Mini Pochette Trunks and Bags??? Is that what is called?

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  1. Hi all i was wondering how much is this pochette. Ive looked everywhere and i cant find the price ... i want one sooooo bad.... But im curious how much do they go for. Please help.:confused1:thanks....
  2. It's $255. Go on eluxury and do a search for "louis vuitton mini pouch" and you should see it! It's so cute... I think I might get it!
  3. p11558421_ph_hero.jpg
  4. mini pouch 2.jpg
  5. ^^^^ thank you so much..... i went to elux and i couldnt find it before.. but after ure help thank you again.
  6. ^^

    You're welcome!!! I asked my DH today if he could buy me the mini pochette for my birthday!!! I'm now going to patiently wait until July... well, maybe not that long!!!
  7. ^^^ i just called Neiman So i can put it on Hold. IM soooo getting it!!!! Thanks. I just think is soooo cute!!!
  8. I just got mine and I absolutely love it! Using it inside my bags as a 'misc' bag - notepad, tissues, etc.

  9. Yeah!!! Congrats on your future purchase!!!