Mini Pochette T&B too small for a going out bag?

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  1. OK well im picking up my mini pochette on Monday, I have been wanting a little bag for ages now! I want it for when I go out out, like clubbing or to the pub on the night. Do you think it is too small or do you think it will be suitable for my needs?:tup:

    I would my LG shine - V thin!
    Mac foundation stick
    House key/cles

    Do you think the mini pochette would fit this? TIA xx
  2. I am not an expert but I think it would - congrats on your purchase!:smile:
  3. Yeah that would fit and this is a cute bag for going out
  4. it depends how many things u carry !! eg. jus carry some cash, cc, key & cell phone... plus a lipstick.. enough for mini pochette...
  5. Great for the essentials like your cell phone, couple cards, keys, and a cles for your cash that's all it would fit.
  6. i think it would fit, the mini pochette is a great size for fitting the essentials but small enough that its not bothersome.
  7. a mini pochette is okay for a going out at night bag. Just depends on how much stuff you need to carry with you.
  8. I think it would.Afterall mini pochettes are for that purpose.Congrats on your decision.Can't wait to see pics...
  9. Im sure it would fit that in...but for a tiny bit more why dont you try the regular pochette?
  10. thanks everyone!
    =D Katy =D : I didnt want the regular because the mini pochette has the cute trunks and bags stamp on, the new one, its LE aswell! xx
  11. It's an ok pochette for very few would never work for me though because the absolute smallest I can go is the regular pochette. Right now, I have my brown/pink CB cles, Damier 4 key holder, mono billfold, Razr, pen and one small lip gloss in my brown/pink CB pochette.
  12. it's cute as an evening clutch
  13. Absolutely the best thing you can take with you when going out!!!!It will fit the essentials like credit cards and cells phone and you can have it in your hand when you will be dancing!!!!:tup:
  14. Yeah when i saw it at the boutique,it looked small but still roomy:smile:.
    Great choice for going out at night or for clubbing.The pochette accessoire(normal size) Is kinda big for clubbing or for going out at night i think personnaly.
  15. I think it will fit everything. I used my mini pochette once when I went out clubbing while I was travelling last month.
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