mini pochette- so lvley, so useful! (get it- lvley?)

  1. i have had my mini pochette for a while now, and I usually just keep it in my larger bags to hold gift cards. REcently, I have used it as a wristlet to go out to dinner, do errands, etc. It has really come in handy when I haven't wanted to deal with a purse. When my dh and i were leaving dinner (top of the hub- boston- go on a clear night when in boston- worth every penny!) i overheard a woman say- what a pretty wristlet! it made me smile!:smile:
  2. does make a nice wristlet.......:yes: :flowers:
  3. agree!
    the minipochette looks soo cute
  4. I love mine and have used it as a wristlet and gotten compliments. It does make you feel good!:yes:
  5. i totally want a mini pochette... just haven't gotten the courage to ask my mom for it for christmas, yet...
  6. i wanna get the mini pochette in damier azur...i think it looks sooo cute!!:smile:
  7. I agree the damier azur one will be so cute:love:
  8. I just got one on eBay and I love it. Just wanted to ask - is your gold chain a little brighter than the zipper pull?

    Can't wait to wear it as a wristlet, that was my plan. I'm loving it!
  9. yes, it is! enjoy it!
  10. Sounds like a great evening! :smile:
  11. That's hot!
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