Mini Pochette Question

  1. Hi, I hv a question to tpf members who have a mini pochette. Do u need to be careful with the golden brass chain? Does it tarnish easily?

    Thanks heaps.
  2. I have the mini in both mono and damier. I have not been using them very long yet, I suspect like other LV golden hardware it will tarnish though. I do wish the chain could be totally removed so when one uses it inside their main bag, it would save the chain and eliminate it getting in the way of other items in the bag, but as you probably know the chain unhooks only at one end and it is permanently attached on the other.
  3. I bought the Mini Pochette then they first launched--several years ago and no tarnish as of yet.
  4. I've had mine for a couple years and no tarnishing here!
  5. Thanks heaps for all your replies.
  6. i had mine for 1 year already and it hasn't tarnish ;)
  7. I had one and it never tarnished.
  8. It's a good question to post, as it would affect the look of it quite a bit if that gorgeous chain lost it's plating or tarnished too like the hardware does. Maybe the chain is pure brass then, rather than brass plating?

    I'm going to get the T&B Mini Pochette in a couple of weeks, and was wondering if it's possible to poke the chain down into the bag and then close the zip to keep it out of the way? If the zip closes towards the end that the chain is attached this would be possible, so could someone tell me which end the chain attaches to? :flowers:
  9. i've had hte mini pochette for about a year now- i carry it and i use it every day in my purse- no tarnishing! looks great! i met a woman at trader joes who had one- hers was pretty beat to heck (leather was VERY patinaed), but the chain looked great!
  10. I've had a azur one for about 6/7 months and it still looks great.
  11. I have the T&B mini pochette and the chain is on the opposite end of the zipper opening, so I don't think you could tuck it in... plus there's a vachetta tag on the same end, so that wouldn't tuck in either. Check out pics of the pochette...
  12. I've had the mono mini pochette accessoires for a couple years now, and while the chain itself still looks good, the o-ring that attaches the chain to the vachetta flap is now a completely different colour. Instead of being gold-colored, it's turned a sort of silvery color.

    Anyone else had this happen?

    It's making me re-think getting the mini pochette in the Damier...