mini pochette owners

  1. What do you guys usually use the mini pochette for? wallets, going to clubs, etc? I'm thinking of buying one b/c I love how it looks with the gold chain, but I was wondering how much I can put in it cuz it's pretty small. Thanks for the help
  2. I have 2 Mini Pochettes: one in Damier, one in Mono. I only use them for my Make up-stuff and some pills. For going to clubs I would go for a Pochette accessoires! The Minis are very small.
  3. Since my speedy 40 doesn't have a slot for my large cellphone (treo), I hang the mini on the outside, and use it as a cellphone case. It's the perfect size for a treo cellphone.
  4. I put everything that would junk up my bag in it. Reciepts , pill box, gum and mints , small hello kitty pen. I love it because my bag stays neat without all of these things floating around.
  5. I have the Damier Mini Accessories Pouch and use it for makeup and stuff in my bag. I think it's SOOOO cute though that I would be tempted to use it going out if I just wanted to carry a few small things. I absolutely love the gold chain on it and think it makes it so classy.

    Since I'll all about the visuals ... here are some photos of mine so you can see how much you are able to fit in.
    contents1.jpg contents2.jpg
  6. I usually use mine when I walk my dog, with my mobile, keys, and some plastic bags in it.

    I also use it when I have to run around the office with my mobile and security pass.

    It sure comes in handy!!
  7. A lot of nice ideas. I think I'll have to get a pochette too.
  8. I use mine for my camera!
  9. I use mine when I go out. Cell phone, keys, credit cards and cash. I sling the gold chain through the belt hoops and it really looks kewl. LVoe it!!!
  10. I use mine for short trips to the grocery store and throw money, and phone in it or I use it to carry my Ipod or I use it to carry my cles, cc hard holder and other cards.

    It's soooo cute!
  11. I use mine for makeup and pens and stuff, or for when I want a very small bag that just holds my phone, cles, keys, and a lipstick.

    I think its one of my most practical LV purchases for the price.
  12. Thanks for the visual, you can actually put a lot of stuff in it.