Mini pochette or toiletry pouch 15?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been looking for a small pouch for cosmetics (powder compact, lip balm, lipstick, concealer stick, sanitizer, hand cream, maybe pack of tissues) that will fit into smaller bags and am debating between the mini pochette and the toiletry pouch. Which one is better for this purpose?

  2. TP15 will work great.
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    Like both for this purpose but love the versatility of the mini pochette. Works great as a little grab and go too. However it doesn't have the wipeable lining if there are any spills from lotion or hand sanitizer
  4. I have both & use both. I like the mini pochette because the material "bends" & conforms better to its contents. The TP15 is a bit stiff just due to its construction.
  5. My vote is for the Toiletry 15 but how about a cosmetic pouch PM?
  6. It's also a different thickness of canvas.
  7. Both would be great. I might choose the mini pochette only because it can be used as a small bag (given the train). The T 15 would always looks like a cosmetic pouch in my view. If you don't need that flexibility, I would pick the T 15 because it will hold a bit more.
  8. Ooh good point ! LOVE my cosmetic pouches. Hold a ton and have wipeable lining too

  9. Thanks!

    That's definitely the dilemma... I like that I could use the mini pochette for multiple purposes but don't want to ruin it if there is a spill.

    Which one do u use more?

    I felt like the cosmetic pouch is too thick because I want to be able to use it in smaller potentially flatter bags. In my classic flap or maybe in a (possible future purchase) twice/twinset.

    The toiletry pouch is thicker canvas?
  10. How about keeping things that could spill in a small clear plastic bag ? I do this sometimes. I know for some people it's a little fussy but for me, these things ain't cheap and I'm gonna protect them if I can ! :smile: best of luck deciding. Both are lovely
  11. Thanks!

    Is the cosmetic pouch a bit bulkier? Is it super structured or a bit smooshable?

    Ooh like in a ziplock sandwich bag? I will try that in my really small bags like the eva. Thanks!
  12. I use the mini pochette more. So much so, that I have the LV mono, DA & the cute X-mas one that came out (the car speeding off with luggage on the back). Sorry, the correct name of the collection escapes me now. I feel you can't go wrong with a mini pochette. Let us know what you decide.

  13. I agree. Not that I'm that "fussy" as you say, but totally understand. Sometimes I buy cheap see-thru cosmetic bags for pens (who wants a leaky pen in their purse) or even cheaper leather (or mesh) pouches if I'm concerned about something I'm carrying that could possibly leak. My rule of thumb is; how mad would I be at myself if a spill could have been handled better or, how easy would it be to clean up. Honestly, knock on wood, nothing has happened to me with an internal spill. I do carry wet-wipes in a see-thru envelope pouch (purchased at the Container Store). When I started carrying them I noticed how wet the outside of the package can get. It's always good to protect our bags. Who wants to get mad over something that could have been avoided? Right? 🙂
  14. My thoughts exactly ! And by fussy I meant some people find it to a bit annoying that it can take longer to get things out if they are inside a plastic bag. But like you say, if it could prevent damage I think it's worth it ☺
  15. I have the mini pochette which I love, but am going to get the TP 19 for liquids and makeup which can stain the lining of my pochette. I think both are quite handy.