Mini Pochette or Multicolor Cles?

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    Ok so I was at the LV store last week. DH said I get to pick out a Valentines Day present. :smile:. Something small though. I was initially looking at a card holder and then thought of the cles. I looked at the other patterns - mono - ebene and they were so tiny IRL. Plus I had some trouble with the zipper sticking that kinda threw me off. Anyway the SA whipped out a vermis cles which was lovely but I really wanted a multicolor piece and there was no bandeau available. Then she pulls outs a multicolor cles. I thought that is what I want let me think on it. Then I came home and totally forgot about the mini pochette. I usually run to grab my hubby from the train 2 times a day. I was thinking I need some thing to grab really quick that I can leave with my keys - a card / DL and I always carry my phone. Thoughts on which one and what you guys use?

    Also on a side note hubby is traveling to London area next month should I just wait and ask him to grab it from there instead? Thanks!



  2. Your phone will not fit into the Cles, but it will fit into the Pochette. I have a Mini Pochette in DE and I really like it, but I use it only when I go out for drinks or something with DH and/or friends. I use it a lot around the holidays when I don't want to carry something as large as my Eva. I use my Cles' daily (I have 4 and rotate them). It holds my keys (obviously), an emergency $20, and those grocery card things. It won't really hold anything other than cards or money without losing it's shape.

    Both are great items so I think the question is: What do you need most? Something small and beautiful to hold your keys and license, money, cards? Get the Cles. Something a little bigger that you can use for evenings out or errands that will hold your phone, keys, money, lip gloss? Get the Mini Pochette.

  3. Hmmmm. I guess something small and beautiful. I do have some smaller clutch size bags that I can use. Hubby got me a Mulberry clutch wallet on chain last May so I guess something to hold cards? Would the white get really dirty? I have always wanted a multicolor but slightly nervous about the white and I don't like the black. Lol

  4. If I could only pick one my vote would be for the mini pochette. I have both the key cles in DA and the mini in DE. The cles is cute but can only hold a more limited amount of things vs the mini can be used as wristlet or inside other bags to hold other things besides cash and cards. good luck and let us know what you decide.
  5. I agree with everything IMG says! Personally, I'd get the mini pochette first. It can also be attached to a d-ring inside your bag and hold various items. The multi colored cles is gorgeous and I want one myself! I have a vernis cles and love it. Watch some YouTube videos on both and that may help with your decision!
  6. Since the MC line is being phased out, you may want to get the cles now, while it's still available.

    That said, I think you may get more use out of a pochette-- it's great in larger bags as an organizer, or as a wristlet going out. More function= more use

    But do valentines gifts need to be functional? I don't think so. So I would go for the cles-- but you should get whatever would make you smile more.

  7. Excellent idea. Gonna do that now. Ahhhh choices!!!! Question - I have heard the multicolor fades after a while. Is this true? Does anyone know?
  8. I have both and love both. If you want to fit your phone it will have to be the mini pochette if not the cles work well. I love the look of MC and Vernis but the Mono/DA/De versions actually hold more cards without being bulky. I prefer those because they fit comfortably in pockets.
  9. The colors can chip off over with LE items. Look at pics of older items, I think there are some videos about this as well. MC white is pretty but of course won't age as well as black. It's always a question of pretty vs. practical:smile: Get what you love, it doesn't necessarily have to last forever for you to enjoy it! This is a fun gift!
  10. Here are pics of my two. I normally use the cles as a wallet inside my mini pochette on days I don't want to carry a purse. I put cards and cash in there. I think the mono, DE and DA are more flexible and can fit more then the multicolor and vernis cles. My mini holds my keys, cles and iphone 5 with no problem but I'm using the phone to take these pics so it's not pictured. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392138744.339536.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392138756.472791.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392138773.039264.jpg
  11. I have a White MC Pochette (discontinued for many years) and it's not dirty at all. I use a strap though, and a Cles you will hold in your hand. I think there is more opportunity for it to get dirty, but I suspect it will wear well.
  12. My Black MC Alma is 10 years old. No chipping, No fading. My white MC Pochette does have some chipping but I bought it that way several years ago and nothing has worsened. There is no fading at all.
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392139349.144782.jpg Or I carry it like this when I really don't want to carry anything. But in this case I have to hold my phone in my hands. Go with what you think you will find more useful for you and your lifestyle. You really can't go wrong, they are all lovely pieces.
  14. I have the white MC cles & love it! I've been using it daily for several months now & haven't noticed it getting dirty (yet)!

    Good luck deciding!
  15. Love both but the mini has my vote :smile: