Mini pochette not in my Le Catalogue

  1. I'm nowhere near an LV counter, so I do a lot of browsing through the catalogue.
    I see the Pochette Accessoires, but not the Mini one. It's not discontinued, is it?
    It's not in my September 2006 Canadian price list either.
  2. answering my own question, LOL.. I called the nearest store and it was left out of the catalog (page 41) by mistake.
    It is $230 Cdn if anyone is curious.
  3. it's on p. 59 of the current Le Catalogue (blue) ;)
  4. Oh!! So it is! I feel so dumb now... I thought it would be next to the regular one. Oops! Thanks so much. The LV SA told me it was left out. I should call her back, LOL
  5. no worries ;) it's a shame that some SAs are totally clueless. most don't even check the website for updates and such :sad: