Mini pochette mono vs toiletry pouch 15 size

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  1. Hey everyone! Just thought I’d do a side comparison between the mini pochette accessoire in mono and the toiletry pouch 15. I received both in the recent days so it’s sort of interesting to compare. They are pretty much the same size, but the pouch is a bit stiffer and broader on the bottom due to its bottom shape. I think I will return my tp 15 as it is rather redundant to have both, and the mini pa serves the same purpose but is more versatile as it can be used as a pouch and a mini bag. The shape of the tp also doesn’t fit inside of my pochette metis bag as nicely as the mini pochette does, which is much more malleable

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  2. That’s a very helpful comparison. This is the exact reason why I didn’t pull the trigger and purchase the tp15 when I had the chance. I try not to be overly redundant in my purchases. The 19 is the perfect size in the toiletry pouch in my humble opinion.
  3. Have you lightly stuff your mini pa? The canvas looks much smoother.
  4. I think I’d have to agree and I haven’t even seen the 19 yet. I thought maybe the 19 would be big but it seems like it would be the perfect size bc the 15 is so tiny in person. Seeing the measurements online still doesn’t really do it justice till it’s in front of me.

    Also I find the canvas on the mini pa is wayyy smoother and nicer than the tp, which is much more stiff. I was able to smooth out the mini pa a bit by stuffing it too. Definitely a redundant purchase and looking forward to seeing the 19
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  5. Exact same reason I sold my TP 15. I found the mini pochette held more and took up less space. The MP was a little more user friendly, no jutting corners.
  6. +1
  7. I like your comparison photos. I would keep the 15 just in case you find use for it later on.
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  8. I was been debating getting the TP 15 as well and for the same reasons decided not to. I have the 19 which is perfect in the other bigger bags but not for the smaller ones plus the mini pochette is much cuter. You are right the canvas on the TP’s are much stiffer I guess because they can be wiped clean on the insides.
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  9. Does anyone know if an iPhone 6s fits in the TP 15? Thanks!
  10. Yeah the tp definitely has stiffer canvas which I think is needed if used for its intended purpose. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the 19.

    Glad stuffing helped smooth the mini pa.
  11. I have both and do not find them redundant. I keep my cardholders, key pouch and airpods in the mini PA and I put mini perfumes, lipsticks and/or hand lotion on the TP 15. I would not put lotion or gloss in my mini PA since I would hate to ruin the lining. I also have the 19 that I use when I carry more makeup around or sometimes for charging cables for my mac. Its personal though and I understand that having the same purpose for both makes them redundant.
  12. Don’t tempt me now...
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  13. Thank you for your input. I can be indecisive so this is helpful. I’m still not a hundred percent returning. I don’t carry much which is the problem but you’re right that I wouldn’t want to put a little sanitizer or lotion in the mini pa and the tp serves a good purpose. If I could only keep one I would say the mini pa would be first choice
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  14. I contemplated for both. But not ready to purchase either of them yet. :P
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  15. I agree with @Grande Latte : I love my TP15 and find it super useful!
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