Mini Pochette - good for evening clutch?

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  1. Hi all, I have never posted in the LV forum but I am interested in getting a pochette. I found one (damier azur) but it's a mini. Is this a good size for an evening bag? I never take big bags out at night usually just a clutch w. cell cc and id. Thanks for any opinions!!
  2. The mini pochette is small and can be used as a wristlet. It will definitely fit your cell, cc, and id. It's super cute! Go for it!
  3. I think it is too small. Get the regular size Pochette.
  4. hello..
    i just used mine today (in damier ebene).. and it fit my zippy coin wallet, cellphone, and keys..
    so yes, if you don't really bring 'much', it will be a darling for a night out.. :girlsigh:
    (the chain makes it look special, too!)
  5. It's definately cute and would be fine if you don't carry much. For me personally I need the ordinary size pouchette or even the wapity for a clutch.
  6. Since you only carry your phone, CC, and ID, the mini is a good size. I like to carry at least my French Purse wallet, phone, and keys in a Cles, and those just barely fit the regular Pochette.
  7. I love the mini because of the gold chain! I have been thinking about getting one too.
  8. Have you looked at the Eva? It's so cute!
  9. I was going to say the same! :smile:
  10. so was l snap, thats a lovely bag :smile:
  11. absolutely. it's handy and practical.
  12. For me it's too small, but if you raen't cereing alot it'll be just the right size :smile:
  13. I think Milla is a good alternative, too!It's a lil bigger than mini pochette but smaller than Eva and it has a golden chain. It comes also in MC...really really cute!:idea:
  14. i use the larger pochette as an evening bag. it is more versatile because of the larger size.
  15. Thanks for all the tips! I was talking to my bf lastnight and he said "How about we just go to Louis Vuitton and you can pick something you want?" Good thing I saved my Christmas money and he said he'd help. So now I'm thinking maybe the damier azur speedy and mini pochette! I'll make sure to post whatever I get later this evening, now I'm off to the mall!