Mini Pochette gets pierced-TWICE! *PICS*

  1. I am not one for bag abuse, well on purpose anyway, but I had this idea to put my new That's Love Brooch on a bag. I was a little worried that I would ruin one of my bags so, I used my daughter's Mini Pochette as my guinea pig-which I gave her from my personal collection, (pathetic attempt to justify the holes) and am pretty pleased with the results:

  2. Very cute- man that thing is HUGE! :nuts:
  3. oh wow, I really like how that came out!

    And yes, that is a GINORMOUS brooch! it's really hot though
  4. SOOO cute! You should post that in the visual aides thread! Seems like I'm saying that a lot to you girls tonight.'ve got great ideas today!
  5. That is STUNNING! Great creativity there....are you going to put it on a normal monogram pochette now? :p
  6. after seeing your pics, i kind of wish they actually made a mini pochette with the that's love brooch on it.
  7. That looks so awesome!
  8. Thanks all! : )
    TFFC: Since the Brooch is fairly large I was thinking of a Mono Speedy 30 or Batignolles (sp?). A Mono bag for sure but something a little bigger than a Pochette.
  9. Michelle, you are very clever. The Brooch looks great on the mini pichette. Are you going to try on other bags? ;)
  10. ^Yep for sure. I'm looking at my Damier Azur Speedy right now...hmmm..
  11. I didn't realize that the brooch was that huge!

    Looks cute though!
  12. Are you about to attack the Azur? :smile: Pls. show us pics. I'm curious to know where you'll be putting it. I didn't know the brooch was so big!
  13. I like the way that looks!
  14. :nuts: You are the best kind of crazy :lol:
    Looks cute!
  15. Cute! Better you than me, I could never do that to any of my bags. :lol: