Mini Pochette - Does this look right ????

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  1. Hello everybody, I am always happy that YOU all know so much about LV.

    I am sitting at home - got the flu - and received a beautiful surprise today, that made me smile all over my face. DH bought a mini pochette from the onlinestore in Germany. I love it ... but am kind a scared that there is an issue at the zippers corner - it shows the red and the canvas is pointy sharp - this will get wear and tear quickly ... What do you think?

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  2. Looks ok I wouldn't worry about it
  3. Mine is like this too :smile:
  4. Mine it like this too and I got it valentines weekends. Enjoy. She is an awesome piece. :smile:

  5. Thank you ... I dont worry anymore, love it!

  6. Thank you, great help!

  7. Thank you and congrats to yours, yes she is cute and beautiful. Do you put her on the beltloops of your jeans?
  8. Yes mine is like that too. It's slightly older though, but it's always been like that. Enjoy your mini pochette, it is a functional piece!
  9. Thanks! No. I have not tried that yet. Does it work well? I have been carrying her as is and today clipped her inside a larger bag that I had to carry. Such a great size!!!!
  10. It looks gorgeous! I haven't got one because its so small and I love chucking everything into my speedy or neverffull. Its a good idea to wear it in a big bag though! Thanks for that idea :smile:
  11. This is very nice!!