Mini Pochette & Digital Camera

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  1. I was thinking to buy mini pochette as a case for my digital camera. I'm not sure if it fits or not. Please give me suggestions or share some pictures (if u did the same way as what i wanted to do it).
  2. You might also consider the old wapity case, though you'd have to get one pre-loved since it is not sold anymore.
  3. It's a good idea. Be extra careful with the chain.
  4. i dont think that would be a good camera case and plus its too long and not wide enuf for it
  5. sorry Dawn72 didnt mean to reply to ur message
  6. I've used one for my Panasonic Lumix 10x zoom (point and click, not an SLR). It worked fine. don't know if I would used it all the time if I carried my camera a lot.
  7. Digital camera?! :faint: You don't use your cell? J/k I know for more extensive photo taking you need a real camera. :P

    I think the mini pochette would work depending on the size of your device. The wapity is super small and would not fit any camera I've ever seen. I could barely fit a make-up compact in there so I sold it.
  8. I tried taking a pic of my compact camera inside the mini pochette but the camera was inside the mini pochette :wondering
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    the mini pochette might work for a thin digital camera, depends on what kind you have.

  10. Do you know, when the Wapity was dicontinued and how much it was? I saw one preloved in a store and it costs 140,- Euro. Don't know, if i should get it. Looks really cute, but I have 3 Mini Pochettes and a Cosmetic pouch ...
  11. I think most small cameras will fit no problem
    but the accessories might not