mini pochette chain

  1. how in the world do you unlatch it? I just couldn't pull it open.
  2. the attatched end doesnt open but you push the latch in on the other end to open it.
  3. thanks a lot for your help, I feel like an idiot cuz I've been trying to pull it open. didn't even try to push it.
  4. I am such an idiot when it comes to that stuff. I was so mad when I bought my first key cles, I thought it was BROKEN! LOL!!! Don't feel bad! Threre are GREAT people on TPF that can help!
  5. LOL! Thank God I'm not the only one! I was at the LV store looking like an idiot in front of everyone :sos: until the SA showed me how to unlatch it (I felt like she did it in slow motion though)! She didn't even try to make me feel better :tdown: