mini pochette as an evening bag?

  1. i can't believe it but christmas is just around the corner and have a party to attend to in a month!!

    i don't have a descent evening bag to go well with a dress and was wondering if i could use a mini pochette as one. (i don't have a mini pochette but since i have to buy an evening bag i should might as well buy a LV right? :P )

    anyone done this? does it go well with a dress?
  2. It is pretty small, you might be better off with a regular pochette...mono might not work for evening...I would look at epi or vernis :smile:
  3. I think that would look sooo adorable hanging on your wrist at a Christmas party. And it's only $200 dollars. Yeah I think you should totally get it. And plus you will have plenty of use for it afterwords.
  4. I bought the regular pochette and use it as an evening bag and it works great! I had my camera, mini skinny, room key, lip gloss, and had room to spare.
  5. i have this and it has come in really handy. i've used it to go to see 2 shows (theatre) and out to a fancy dinner. although i didn't wear a dress, i was dressed up. it looked really nice- the gold chain is what makes it dressier. i carried it as a wristlet and even overheard a compliment- what a pretty wristlet! that made me smile! go for it & have fun!
  6. btw- i could carry my cash, ccs, cell, some makeup...all the things i'd carry in an evening bag.
  7. thank you! i actually have a MC pochette (white) but i think it's too big and flashy for an evening bag thus thought about the mini one. i should definitely go try it then. :wlae:
  8. I think 2 years ago LV had advertisment with blonde lady lying on sofa in VERY evening dress holding REGULAR MONO POCHETTE. So I think mono works in evening.
  9. I've used my mini for evenings. I can fit leys, ID, money and lipstick easily.
    I do use my vernis lexington more though, so twink's suggestion of a vernis or epi piece is a good one. Good luck and have fun! I'm so excited the holidays are coming!!!:yahoo:
  10. I think it would be good especially with the chain makes it look more elegant.
  11. I use my Recital for evenings but I would definitely use a mini pochette (if I had one!) :flowers:
  12. yes the mono pochette would make a great evening bag :yes:
  13. why not , the vernis is more chic
  14. Yep, I'd use the mini pochette as an evening the gold chain...what abt the azur? Would it suit what u'd be wearing?
  15. i don't have a dress yet but i figured mono is so classic it'll go well with any dress. plus the gold chain which got me thinking in the first place would dress it up nice. i'm glad i'm not the only one who thought this way. i think i saw a pic of someone wearing it as an evening bag but can't seem to find it anymore.

    oh and i'm not particularly in love with vernis pochettes but thank you for the suggestions!