Mini Pochette Accessories or Pochette Accessories?

  1. I need to hear some opinions as I'm torn between the mini pochette accessories and pochette accessories. Which would you buy? (or have you bought?) Why?
  2. Depends on what you choose to use them for - for instance, pochette accessoires can be used as a little purse, while the mini is probably better as a make-up case or to carry cards & coins. Personally I like the mini because of the chain, but it's a bit small to be used as a purse.
  3. I have the mini in damier and I love it as a makeup bag or as a small clutch for quick errands or whatever. It doesn't fit a wallet though, just a small phone and a key cles and a lipstick or something.

    The difference is in size, so it's up to you to decide what your needs are. Both are useful bags.
  4. Me too! I like the gold chain on the mini and it's so cute, don't you think? I heard you can hook it to your jeans. How? Does anyone has a picture to show me?

    As for the pochette, I like the size as you can fit more stuff but the strap is kinda short and I don't know if the connector is expensive... *confused*
  5. I have both. I've had my pochette since it was released in 1999 and use it quite a bit. I use it on my shoulder and have no problems with the strap being too short. I also use it in my bigger bags.

    I bought the mini in January expecting to use it as a little clutch but haven't used it yet. It is really pretty with the gold chain but I bought it in azur and am worried about it getting stained if I throw it into my bigger bag. If I bought a Damier or Mono I would prob. use it a lot more.
  6. I would by the Pochette Accessorie because u can use it as a bag too.
  7. iv got the pochette and its so useful.
    every day i use it in my speedy to keep some makeup and post if notes and other junk and at weekends i use it as a bag. its great to just grab when im runing out or on a night out.
  8. if you're looking for a pouch to place inside a bag, then go for the mini but if you're looking for a small purse, i say get the regular pochette accessories. the regular size one will hold so much more and be more convenient.

    btw, i have no mini's and 3 regular pochette accessories.
  9. I have to agree that the regular size is more practical but I do like the chain on the mini.
  10. I LOVE my pochette accessories. I bought it for makeup inside my speedy, but often dump it out for a little evening purse, it totally rocks.
  11. Pochette was released in 1989 in Epi before the iconic canvas. :confused1:

    Definitely the size will have to be considered for the amount of items you would like to carry in it.

    The larger pochette can be used as a small purse or evening bag. The mini pochette with the chain is really adorable and only practical as a make-up bag or a small bag for when you're in a hurry. Would be good only for a few cc's and keys. Too small to accomodate a small wallet including the Ludlow.
  12. Pochette Acc! It fits more! But I have the Mini just for organization in my Speedy
  13. I have mini pochette in azur and i love it very very much,and yes,it fits my ludlow wallet and car keys!!!!!
  14. I would buy the Pochette Accessoires becuase it's bigger.
  15. I'm debating this as well. I have the mini in azur currently. Before it arrived I had already changed my mind and was looking into the regular pochette. But when it got here I just fell in love with it! It fits my phone, small card/cash holder, and 1 or 2 small makeup items. I'd be comfortable carrying this out at night. It fits over my shoulder and is so cute.

    All that said, I would prefer the regular pochette for the added flexibility of the slightly larger size. But the gold chain on the mini is just perfect. Perhaps if someone knows of a gold chain that could be used as an alternative to the leather strap on the regular size, I would switch. Thoughts anyone?