Mini Pochette Accessories is a good Wapity alternative (w/PIC)

  1. Hi ladies,

    For those of you who have PDA/smartphones and cannot fit your cell into the wapity, the mini pochette accessories works well. Here is a pic of mine hand carried as a mini-clutch/wristlet.

    hth someone!
  2. Ooo.. its very cute! Thanks!
  3. Love it!
  4. I have the same and love it!! :smile:
  5. I agree, that really is cute:smile: I've always been curious about how much that thing holds. I must confess I'm one of the wapity lovers, but the gold chain makes this a bit more appealing than the regular leather strap. If you have time someday, could you post a pich with a couple of esstentials inside so we can see approximately how much it will hold? Congrats on the great buy! :smile:
  6. thanks for posting that... i've been considering one for a bit now...
  7. just bought it!
  8. yup, can you pls post pics of whats curious to see what fits in there:shrugs:
  9. Cute!
  10. Pic below of what I can fit into the mini pochette: Motorola Q (very slim PDA/smartphone), Chanel compact, Chanel lipgloss, Damier cles w/ 3 keys and keyless entry/alarm. If I were to forgo the cles, I would have room for gum/mints, or another makeup item. Hth someone!
  11. Ahhh, neat ;) Thanks for posting a new pic so quickly.