Mini Pochette Accessoires

  1. I am debating between a mini mono pochette or the regular mono pochette. Does anyone have any pics of them wearing the MINI? just want to make sure it won't look too puny on my shoulder....

    (i'm 5'3'', on the petite side.)

    THANKS! ;)
  2. It is rather small to wear on your shoulder but it will fit. If you want to wear it on your shoulder you should go for the regular pochette. JMHO.

    Did you trying searching for a pic on tPF? Just type in MINI POCHETTE ACCESSORIES and search the threads.
  3. i'll take pics tonight and post tomorrow.

    i have the mini mono pochette that i chose mainly because the strap looks lovely on it. i've worn it on my shoulder but it can look silly, unless you have an ultra small frame - think olsen twins body. i carry it on my hand.

    Now the regular mono pochette fits great as long as you have small arms. myself i am average body weight i guess, but i'm considering an extender for the added flexibility. I just thought of something :idea: - trying out my shirley strap on the regular mono pochette. Anyone try this yet?
  4. I'm 5'2'' on the heavy side. :blush:
  5. You look great! Not the least bit heavy, you silly, silly pinki!:tender:
  6. ^Thanks, Michelle! :blush: Isn't 150 kinda on the heavy side?:confused1: :lol:out:lol:
  7. How cute! You are definitely NOT on the heavy side. :smile:
  8. You look beautiful in your white with the mini!!! LOVE it!!!!

  9. Okay, had to look again, nope, definately not heavy, your hands even look tiny and thin, must be thick bones... lotsa people have thick bonz...
  10. It's just a number...go by how you look, FAB!:yahoo: , not by the #'s on the scale!;)
  11. Can I join in? Pinki what are you talking about.... you are NOT heavy! I'm 5 foot 2 and I look 'heavy' no matter how I pose in pics. You look very put together and chic with your mini pochette, it's very cute.
  12. the mini pochette azue looks lovely on you! you've convinced me to get one!

  13. mini pochette is very small, I recommend pochette accessories. I use mine for makeup inside my speedy and then dump it out and use it as an evening bag. LOVE IT.
  14. My apologies to the OP. :flowers:

    ^^^^^OT... Geessh.... Thank you ladies! :blush:


  15. Azur mini P looks soooooo CUTE on you:love: