Mini Pochette Accessoires

  1. Hello to everyone. This is my first post. I have been reading for a few weeks. I received my first LV a month ago. It is the Vernis Biscayne Bay PM in noisette, and I'm hooked!!

    I was wondering if anyone has the Mini Pochette Accessoires. I was thinking about using it for a small make up bag for my handbag. I'm not worried about the size except that they don't post the depth on eluxury, just the 5.5 x 3.7, length and height. Also, would the chain be an issue?

    Thanks for your responses to this and all the other posts I've been reading. My only criticism is you all make me want another, and another, and, well, you know.
  2. Hi New Girl!:flowers: Sorry I can't help you with your question, but I just wanted to say WELCOME TO PF!:flowers:
  3. [​IMG] I looked at the mini & needed more time to think about it, it was much smaller than I thought. I think it is at most 1 inch deep but I wouldn't swear to it. I just remember it as being really small, maybe just a lipstick, gloss, & maybe some powder was all I thought would fit.
  4. Hi there! Welcome to the PF!! I have the mini pochette accessories, and it's about 1- 1 1/2 " wide. I fit in it, a compact, a sm. purell bottle, a pill box, a lipliner, lipgloss, and conceler. If you pack it nicely, it all fits!! And it doesn't bulge either! Hope this helps you!
  5. Welcome to TPF!!:flowers::wlae:
  6. hi new girl! welcome to this forum :P and congrats on ur lv.
    i'm not into small bags so i can't help here.. :P
  7. hi!
    it's pretty tiny.... super cute though! :P my 8mo-old loves hers..., yes, i'm a crazy mom...:shame:
  8. Wow, thank you all so much. I can't believe how quickly you all responded. I am going to order it. I use a very small bag (an old gift with purchase from Estee Lauder that just doesn't cut it in my new bag) so I think this will work.

    Again, thanks for the welcome and the information.
  9. That's really hers? Ahaha start 'em young! ;)
  10. Sophia ~ Your Daughter Is Precious!!!!! :smile: I Look @ Her With Her LV!!! What A Doll!!! :smile:

    ***Sorry To Go Off Topic: Welcome New girl!!! Congratulations On Your New Purchase!!! :smile:
  11. Oh, your daughter is so beautiful. I missed your post before, or we posted at the same time. Anyway, thanks for your picture. I haven't bought my 14 year old a Dooney and you've got your 8 month old started on LVs. Too funny.
  12. Welcome!
  13. Welcome!
  14. welcome new girl!! ;)

    ...and thank you all for the compliment, it's her's but she doesn't know i (the mom!) might as well use it until she's old enough! haha:graucho:
    besides, i think she likes her hello kitty purse more than LV!

    it's a really cute little bag, you can even hang outside the bag (like papillon!) too!! and all your essentials will fit nice and neat, you'll enjoy it! :love: u can take it out to dinner etc....the chain makes it very classy too! :P
  15. Welcome to PF,

    omg..Sophia..your daughter is so adorable !!!!