Mini Pochette Accessoires

  1. I am thinking of getting one of these for putting a few cosmetics and little things in. My question is this: for those of you that own this, how much can you fit inside and would it fit nicely inside a Manhattan PM? Are there any other pouchette-type bags that you like? Thanks in advance!
  2. Bonsoir, you can't put a lot inside. That's the reason why I sold it on E-bay a month ago.
  3. Yah, it's very small. I have only used mine 2-3 times and I have had it for almost 2 years. I can probably fit lip gloss, ID, credit cards and keys.
  4. I had one and sent it back, its REALLY small!
  5. Too small for my makeup bag, I ended up buying the pochette accessories bag and just adore it.
  6. I just got the mini pochette accessories to use as a cosmetic case and I love it!! I fit a compact, lipliner, lipgloss, pill case, sm. purell bottle, and concealer. It fits pretty good too.
  7. I am trying to decide between the pouchette and the papillon the pouchette too big to fit in a Manhattan PM? Do you ladies use your inside you handbags or just on it's own? I don't want a make-up bag persay, just something to have in my purse that will hold o few lip glosses and such Thanks!
  8. its small. I use it for money and cards. wappity is actually a good size for makeup. its larger than the actual makeup bag lv has. Its really cute though. I love it. especially the chain.

  9. o0o00o, i think its really cute!!!
  10. I carry a pack of Orbit gum, lipliner, 2 lipglosses, concealer & bronzer. It fits just fine.

    I also took it out to a club and carried my lipliner, eyeliner, lipgloss, credit cards/id & some cash. It fits perfectly under my arm. I got so may compliments. My SA even told me that she was thinking about getting one, after packaging mine.:biggrin:
  11. I can fit the following:

    4 credit cards, 6-7 bills, my 6 key holder (burberry) and my cell, but it's a tight fit.

    I'm definitely looking to upgrade mine to the larger pochette, in epi.