Mini Pochette accesoires

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  1. Does anyone have a picture of them holding/wearing a Mini Pochette Accessoires in Mono- or (brown) Damier Canvas? (I only found a picture of a Damier Azur...)
    Does it hold a lot? Is it worth the money or better to buy a larger Pochette?
  2. Sorry, I don't have this, but from what I hear it doesn't hold a lot. :sad: I think it's super cute though! But for more things, I'd suggest the larger pochette or mini sac HL (this is very compact, but can hold quite a bit!).
  3. Honestly, the mini pochette doesn't fit a lot. When I saw it in stores, it was a lot smaller than I expected it'd be...but I still ended up buying it. It's cute and great for those times when all you need is some cash/ID, keys, and phone. I think if you're concerned about the size being worth the price, you should go with a pochette instead :yes:
  4. It is very tiny - good as a cosmetic bag or when you want to just carry a lip gloss, CCs and keys.
  5. Hi Nikki.
    I have both, I love them. I can fit a lot in there, but it depends on what you want to use it for. I can fit cell, money, ccs, lipstick,gum and keys in one.
    If you need to fit more though, I'd get the pochette accessoires.
    I don't have pics wearing it. HTH!
  6. That's what I use it for. It is pretty small, but super cute!
  7. It'a a great lil evening bag, fits enough for my nights out.
  8. yes... my main purpose for this bag is to use it for when i go out. i don't need much -- cell, lip gloss, id, cash!

    if you want to use it more as a daily bag, then maybe get the bigger pochette.
  9. Thanks everyone! :flowers:

    I think I'd like to use it as an eveningbag. It just looks super cute to me and I love the golden chain on it (unfortunately the larger pochette does not have that)

    I'm a bit concerned if it will look too small on me because I'm quite tall (1.80).
  10. I'd just go ahead and buy the regular Pochette. :yes:
  11. You could always get the pochette and separately purchase the chain. Of course, you're talkin' more $$$ then, but it will be exactly what you want.....:yes:

  12. GET SOPHIE!!!:love:

    ¡Ú³ÚÅ·»Ô¾ì¡Û¥ë¥¤¥ô¥£¥È¥ó ¥â¥Î¥°¥é¥à ¥¢¥¯¥»¥µ¥ê¡¼¥Ý¡¼¥Á ¡È¥½¥Õ¥£¡É M40158¡§·ÃÈæ¼÷¥«¥µ¥Ö¥é¥ó¥«

    the leather strap comes off and you can use it for different bags too!! :heart:

    (sorry about same repeated pics!:supacool: )

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  13. i think it's better that u get a larger pochette, the mini is not really practical :smile:
  14. just get a bigger pochette, or mini HL. that is very affordable, and it holds so much.
  15. you are KILLING me with the sophie pix! my sa says our store in saks may not GET any! any way to get one from japan?...:love: