Mini Pleaty Owner's?????

  1. Hi all, I was wondering if you own a mini pleaty could you please post pics of you wearing it and tell how much room there is in it? I'm in love with the pink mini pleaty, I'm just not sure how much one could actually carry in it. Thanks guys!!
  2. I had purchased the pink when it first came out, its quite spacious and fits comfortably under the arm, I ended up returning it though, b/c I couldn't justify the price for denim and the fact that I was scared to get it dirty. I may go back for it though, b/c it is just too darn cute and would make a great bag to take with me on my vacation!

    You should get it!
  3. Hi I have the denim mini pleaty and it holds a bunch of stuff. I have my pti, key cles, cellphone and 2 lip glosses in it! It is such a cute bag!!
  4. I used to own a mini pleaty. It now belongs to a PF member. It surprisingly holds a lot of room. It can fit my mono french wallet, car keys, and phone.
  5. Would you say it's only a little bigger than the pochette or a good size bigger?
  6. I feel I can fit much more in the mini pleaty then the pochette, I think it is because the denim material gives more than the mono