Mini Pleaty Owners - A question

  1. Could you please let me know the strap drop for this bag please. How does it compare to the pochette accessoires?

    Thank you in advance :flowers:
  2. I dont own one but the strap is thicker then the pochette and hangs lower.
  3. Well, since I don't have pochette I can't really compare these two, but length of strap on pleaty is ideal IMO. :yes:

    This bag looks better when it's full, so shorter strap would be inconvenient.
    On the other hand, it's short enough to be worn on the crook of the arm.
  4. It holds at least twice as much as pochette, if not more.
  5. Thank you :flowers:
  6. No need for an extender, it hangs lower than a pochette strap with the extender on. Very comfy!
  7. The strap is much thicker than the pochette strap, but the bag still fits perfectly under the arm.
  8. Pfm pic's, HTH