mini pleaty got a TATOO!

  1. In Hawaii!
    I didn’t get anything new from louis vuitton, but I got my mini pleaty heatstamped. Its looks so fabulous, and they did it in one minute for me, while I enjoyed some delicious lime Perrier!
    The SAs in Hawaii are soooooooo nice, they treated my mom and I like VIPs, and they’ve never even met us before!!
    I love it there!

    I put my first and last initials on it, and I made it gold!
    Ok. Well here are some pics, it looks sooo nice! (sorry about the blurriness... cellphones...)

  2. oh that is so cute!! I love the heatstamping on the strap.
  3. Cute! It looks really good in gold.
  4. Now I want to get this done! I love it!
  5. That's really cool thanks for the idea!
  6. hoooo child! that is nice!
  7. congrats! it looks so cute!!
  8. That looks really good
  9. how cute!! I wanna get my pochette heatstamped!!
  10. Cute.
  11. That's so cute! Now your mini pleaty has a little remembrance from Hawaii!
  12. Nice! Sounds like you had fun.
  13. Cute!
  14. I really like it in gold!
  15. very cute! which LV did you go to?