Mini pigs!!!!

  1. I have been wanting to purchase a mini pig for a while now.. they are so cute!!

    Does anyone know where I can purchase them in the states, preferably NY?
    Long time ago I saw them on eBay, which is kind of weird, but I don't want to get it through them.. I want to get it through a breeder if possible..
    anyone know?
    I know it is weird and at first I was like that's strange but they are made the same way toy dogs are made. Please refrain from leaving any negative comments about how disgusting that is or anything like that.
  2. I think they are adorable, but can't help but be concerned over the same issues as I would for a teacup dog.

    Really though, the piglets are precious but not THAT mini - a spaniel sized pig is a hefty one! A cocker can weigh 25 - 35 lbs, so a pig is bulkier/heavier bodied so likely to be about double the weight... just a guess... but a 50 - 60lb piggy is a little heavy for my lap!
  3. Doesn't George Clooney have a pig for a pet? It's so big, LOL! I've seen pics before of a man taking his pet pig for walk using a harness, it was so cute!
  4. That's what I am thinking too.
  5. George used to have a pot bellied pig but sadly piggy passed on approx. a year ago :sad:
  6. yup! he was called 'Max', I believe. He even got to sleep with George...lucky pig!

    I've never heard of these mini-pigs but they are awfully cute! :heart:
  7. also, found the website for the mini-pigs..

    In the gallery section you can see pictures of the man holding the piglets and what seems to be a full grown mini-pig. If you are serious about it perhaps you can try contacting them? Good luck!

    Just found this on the website under News!

    Since little Tetley appeared in the press, we have been innundated with requests from people wanting to own their very own Pennywell Miniature Piglets.

    We do not have any piglets available in the forseeable future but if you would like your details to go onto our waiting list, please email: We will keep the details of everyone that emails us but due to the huge volume of emails we cannot reply to individual enquiries and it may be some time before you hear from us.

    Please do not telephone Pennywell about the piglets unless you have already been contacted to say that there are piglets ready for you.

    After the Christmas Nativity Plays, we reopen on 9th Feb 2008 so you can come along and enjoy a cuddle with them.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!
  8. wwowwww...
  9. awwww I want one too!! lol Is there not a breed of pig that was always mini? (so as to not cause health problems) I thought there was, but I could be wrong...
  10. Thank you so much. I totally agree, I know the size is alarming but I read that they grow larger..the ones in those pictures are babies still. I appreciate your help people! The search is on.....

  11. I agree....
  12. Are these even smaller than Vietnamese Potbelly pigs? I had 2 potbelly pigs as a kid. Pretty fun to have but they do require more care than people realize.
  13. :love::love:Oh my goodness, SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!
  14. so adorable!!!!!!:love:
  15. It is so cute!!