Mini Pashli or Tiny PS1?

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  1. Hi all,

    From your experience, I'd like your opinions on these 2 bags please. I've been researching for weeks and still can't decide which one to get.. I've previously own mainly Bbags, Mulberry Alexa, Chloe Paraty. So this will be my first purchase for both of these brands.

    1. mini Pashli in black (the one with gunmetal hardware and subtle glittery kid leather at front panel)
    2. tiny PS1 in smoke or black (I love grey but the smoke color sometimes looks sort of olive green?!)

    I'm considering these for shopping/ running errands day. I need to be able carry my Balenciaga money wallet (as it is, no changing to smaller wallet!), phone, a few make up items, keys.. I want a bag that I could get these things in and out quickly and easily. Looking fwd to hear your expert opinions :biggrin: TIA!

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  2. I vote PS1, purely for the rather shallow reason that it's the more "premier" of the two brands, and to me it's a bit edgier and I see it a bit less often than the Pashli where I live. If budget is no issue.
  3. Thx for your input, Silversun!
  4. Differences - leather is softer on ps1 than on the pashli's. The closure on the pashli scratches easily. Pashli is more structured.
  5. I don't think you'll be able to comfortably fit your essentials in to the Mini Pashli because of its extremely structured shape, especially if you're not downgrading the size of your wallet.
  6. Thx for your comments Owen & xJOLE.. I guess tiny ps1 might be better option then!
  7. The tiny ps1 for sure because it seems so much flexible. I have the mini pashli and it does not work well with big long wallets, i personally had to go buy a mini sized wallet to fit in my pashli so i could fit other items in there. The tiny ps1 will be a perfect size for ur essential items.
  8. I also vote PS1 because of the size and the brand.
  9. Me too!:smile:
  10. I have the ps1 tiny in smoke! It's wonderful and I now prefer it to my medium. Mine is not olive toned at all in person but more taupe undertones. I can fit my continental Chloe wallet and all my essentials, it really is the perfect size!
  11. PS1 for sure