Mini Papillon

  1. Do you guys like/ have the mini papillon? How much can you fit inside? pics too!
  2. any body?
  3. You're talking about the one that comes in the pap 30, right? I have this, but I don't have a pic. :sad: It's super cute, but I don't think it holds a lot. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to use this as a mini clutch...but I have a hard time fitting even a cles in there. It makes a great pen/pencil pouch, and it can hold some makeup pieces (such as a lipstick and eyeliner). All I can put in there, though, is my cell, lipgloss, and a small hand creme tin.
  4. pap 19?
    or mini pap?
  5. The little baby pap that comes with the pap 30 is small....but if you're going clubbing you could easily stash some cash, ID, lipstick in it! And it'll fit over the shoulder pretty easily.
  6. I use my baby pap mostly inside my papillon 30 for lipgloss, etc.
  7. I was excited to get my baby pap in my pap 30, but I find it is such an odd size in that shape that I probably wont end up using it - I bought a wapity instead.
  8. i use the baby Papillon with my Papillon 30, to hold my makeup. it can fit my powder compact, lip gloss, eyeliner and facial blotters